Collect data from websites and mobile applications.

Chujiangdata provides Web Scraping Service and crawler software customization services.

Our developers are experienced in collecting data from

Social Media, E-commerce Website, Media Platform and classifieds information sites.

With our cost-effective, accurate and rapid solution,

you can use date efficiently in academic research, financial investment, marketing or media reporting.


Collect data

Collect data(like articles, pictures, phones and email addresses) from specified website or mobile application, .Output Formats includes XML, XLSX, CSV , JSON and SQL.

Custom crawler software

Custom crawler for specified website or mobile application, for those who often need fresh data. Our developers are experienced in Python, C# and Java. Crawler can be implemented as command-line script or Windows desktop application.

Custom data processing software

Custom tools for MS Suite(Excel VBA/Macro, etc.) or standalone data/file processing tools to improves the efficiency of your work.


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